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Taiji Japan - An estimated 23,000 Dolphins stabbed to death anually

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I recently watched a video called "The Cove" which was made in part by the man who trained the dolphins for the hit TV series "Flipper". It shows a very dark side to the industry of "Show Dolphins", like those we see at Sea World, The Mirage in Las Vegas and other tourist hot spots.

The multi billion dollar industry turns a blind eye to the slaughter of dolphins that are not selected as show dolphins. The meat from these creatures are being sold as a food source which is very high in mercury content, so high in fact that it is causing humans to be deformed and slowly killing many more.

We all love to see these awesome creatures but the industry itself is causing the destruction of an estimated 23,000 dolphing anually. This, coupled with the meat as a food product, should be addressed by the world community and stopped immediately.

If you get a chance, watch this movie and you'll know why I have listed this as important.

I am a meat eater but the way in which they brutally kill these awesome creatures makes me mad as hell and strongly suggest boycotting products from Japan and NOT attending the Dolphin Shows until the problem is resolved. If you buy a ticket to one of these shows you are supporting the problem.

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