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Author Topic: Japan's troubled times.  (Read 122842 times)


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Japan's troubled times.
« on: March 18, 2011, 10:11:30 PM »
The tsunami was bad enough and now with the possibility of widespread radiation contamination, Japan is in a very troubled time.

I watched the news last night and realize the the worst may not have happened yet. If the Nuclear Reactors meld down then the contaminated area would be much greater in size. Japan is not a very large country and quite populated. Just the logistics would be overwhelming, let alone the actual loss of their precious land. is open as an information board for anyone needing to pass information or to post missing persons notices.

My prayers go out to all of you and I hope relief comes swiftly.

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Japans troubled times
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2011, 06:47:32 PM »
Views .

Avoid Fish from Pacific Ocean next 2 years,  Millions of gallons of RADIOACTIVE contaminated sea water would of seeped back into ocean and Japans water table.  They sprayed it directly on the core

Avoid JAPAN as the reactor will keep going for at least 30,000 years .

Chernobyl  REACTOR still glowing, Gamma radiation eats through concrete , 6 feet every 6 years, so the concrete sarcophagus that contains the core needs to be increase 6 feet every year for the next 30,000 years to contain lethal GAMMA RADIATION.  By which time the concrete sarcophagus will need to be the size of LUXEMBOURG       
  you stupid assholes 
Japan will have the pleasure of dealing with this too now for thousands of years ............


Nuclear power is just an exotic and VERY DANGEROUS way of BOILING WATER  . from which steam pushes through steam turbine generators which give convert to electric,  so this is not sophisticated safe energy but a bloody stupid and dangerous KETTLE   END NUCLEAR POWER NOW. And you thought it was something more sophisticated than a KETTLE ?     well, well, well....... we couldnt make this earth shit up could we..... what bloody idiots.........

We have had 3 Nuclear accidents last 50 years , that each one will now last for thousands of years in TRYING to stop DANGEROUS RADIATION killing and mutating life on earth and poising the food chain..

Yeeayyyy  NUCLEAR is good, its a LOW RISK HIGH IMPACT ENERGY ....... yeeahhhhhyy 3 accidents last 50 years now gonna poison the earth , put millions if nor billions at risk,  and kill people, damage their DNA ,  for thousands of years ..


Who are the psychopaths who favour nuclear kettles FFS ?         BOILING KIN WATER , 19 th CENTURY technology and it wasnt safe then either

HELLO , HELLO,   Have our governments breached our trust relationship, as beneficiaries now all being exposed to more low risk high impact GAMMA RADIATION leaks for the next 30,000 YEARS ..... er, isnt it time we all come to our bloody senses ?

 Sick World ... Sick........

Ok, had to get that out......... but boy, long term maybe the earths better off with less humans on it ehh ? But then again if we look at nature isnt it chaotic , savage, cruel , uncaring , hap hazard , full of risk ?      In that case  who are we trying to kid ourselves that our place in nature ought to be ordered, kind, caring, structured , with little risk ?

So lets embrace the madness then   Its perverse not to be natural ?   MORE NUCLEAR KETTLES PLEASE 

I LOVE GAMMA RADIATION breaking all lifes DNA cells down     

AVOID IMPORTING TVs , MOBILE PHONES, CARS, FOOD,  ANYTHING JAPAN OK ?   WHY ? Well Radiation spreads like and contaminates as it spreads out see ?  6 out of 7 TVs in UK come from ???????  ahu, so you might wanna put off buying tech gear for , 30,000 years shall we say ???
   you getting the glowing picture ?

next post when I calm down like will be on, what to do if fallout that gets into the JET STREAM that GOES AROUND THE WORD, lands in your neighboourhood like ... Because, we will have another accident see anyhow.........   

ta ta JAPAN .........



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